Town of Phelps

Ordinance 2018-01A

Amended 01-08-2020



                Please take notice that the Town of Phelps, Vilas County, Wisconsin, amended Ordinance No. 2018-01A, “Parking Ordinance” at their January 8th, 2020 Town Board meeting.

                Section 1: Purpose: The purpose of this ordinance is regulating parking throughout the Town of Phelps. This includes areas designated as “no parking”, “no overnight parking”, “2-hour parking”, providing for the free and unobstructed passage of vehicular traffic on streets and highways, any boat launching facility with adjacent parking area or public park owned by the Town of Phelps, and in general, for the public health and safety for the users of such streets/highways and areas.

                Section 2: Authority – The Town Board of the Town of Phelps has the specific statutory authority and power, pursuant to Sections 349.06 and 349.13, Wisconsin Statutes, to regulate, control, prevent, and enforce the stopping, standing or parking of motor vehicles on highways, roads, streets and alleys within the jurisdiction of the Town of Phelps.

                Section 3: Definitions: – The term “vehicles” shall mean every device in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway, including, but not limited to boats, cars, trucks, tractor trucks, tractor trailers, snowmobiles, golf carts, and all-terrain vehicles. The term “trailer” shall mean a vehicle without motive power designed for carrying property or passengers wholly on its own structure and for being drawn by a motor vehicle, but does not include a mobile home.

                Section 4: No Parking – The Town Board of the Town of Phelps shall, in the interest of public health and safety, designate such highways, roads, streets, and alleys, or any portion thereof as “no parking” areas. The Town Crew Foreman shall cause to be placed at the terminus of each of the no parking zone a sign advising of the no parking restriction.

                Section 5: No Overnight Parking – All roads within the Town of Phelps are hereby established as “No Overnight Parking” zones.

        No persons shall park a motor vehicle or camp at any boat launching facility with adjacent parking area, or public park owned or operated by the Town of Phelps, or which is used by the public under easement to the Town of Phelps on an overnight basis.


        The Town Board and the Town of Phelps shall cause to be erected on all boat launching facilities with parking areas and all public owned, operated or under easement to the Town of Phelps, appropriate signs prohibiting overnight camping and motor vehicle parking at such facilities.


        The hours of restriction shall be:

A.      From 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. during the months of May through September of each year;

B.      From 7:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. during the months of October through April of each year.

                Section 6: 2 Hour Parking – All roads within the designated “downtown district” are hereby established as “2 Hours Parking” zones, unless otherwise marked as a “no parking” area. The Town Crew Foreman shall cause to be placed proper signage to designate these areas as “2 Hour Parking” zones.

                Section 7: Enforcement – This ordinance may be enforced by the Town Board, Town Constable, and Town Crew Foreman for the Town of Phelps or any law enforcement officer authorized to enforce the laws of the State of Wisconsin and the regulations and ordinances of the Town of Phelps, Vilas County.

                Section 8: Penalty – Any person violating this Ordinance shall be required to forfeit not less than Twenty Dollars ($20.00) nor more than Forty Dollars ($40.00) for the first offense, and no less than Fifty Dollars ($50.00) nor more than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) for the second or subsequent conviction within one (1) year. In addition, under the provisions of Section 349.13 (3m) (3), Wisconsin Statute, any motor vehicle found in violation of the Ordinance may be removed and any charges for removal or towing of such motor vehicle, as well as storage thereon, shall be paid by the owner or operator of such motor vehicle. No motor vehicles shall be released without the payment of these charges.

                Section 10. –  Effective Date – Following passage by majority vote of the Phelps Town Board, this ordinance shall take effect the day after the date of publication or posting as provided by sec. 60.80 Wis. Stats.

                The full text of Ordinance 2018-01A may be obtained at the town clerk’s office at 4495 Town Hall Road, Phelps, Wisconsin, or from the town’s website: or for additional information contact Town Clerk Marjorie Hiller at (715)545-2270.


                                                                                                                                /s/Marjorie Hiller, Clerk/Treasurer


Posted: January 22, 2020

Published Date: January 22, 2020

Effective Date: January 23, 2020